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手性配体 小分子催化 手性合成医药中间体 不对称催化反应 课题信息
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Asymmetric Allylic Substitution Asymmetric Wacker-type Oxidative Cyclization Asymmetric Hydrogenation

7.1 Asymmetric Allylic Substitution

7.1.1 Enamines as Nucleophilic Reagents

7.1.2 Enamines Generated in situ
7.1.3 Allylic C-N Cleavage under Mild Conditions



7.2   Wacker-type Oxidative Cyclization
7.2.1 Pd-Quinox Catalyzed Aza-Wacker Type Cyclization

Ref: TL,2010,51,5124
7.2.2 Switchable Regioselective Pd-Catalyzed Aerobic Aza-Wacker Cyclization--Ligands effect!
7.2.3 The First Enantioselective Aza-Wacker-Type Reactions for Construction of α-Tertiary Amines



7.3   Asymmetric Hydrogenation



7.4   Asymmetric Organocatalyses
The First Asymmetric Organocatalyzed Phsphorylation
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